Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Impostor on Yahoo

I guess at this point I should be flattered, but I am not.
Another loser on the Yahoo Message Board is pretending to be me.
How sad.
I guess that just means that I am making a difference.
I guess that just means I am very effective in my campaign to spread the truth about Spongetech.
I guess that just means that I am right.

Thank You - Moe Speeks

Nice New FLUFF Press Release from Spongetech

SpongeTech Receives Initial Order from Costco

That is a swell headline until you read the full article.
As usual, Steven Moskowitz has decided not to put any actual figures in the release. 
No total sale amount, no dollar figures, no units ordered numbers, NO NOTHING!
But the article does talk a lot about Costco. How nice of you to now be advertising for Costco.
Like I said, FLUFF, nothing but FLUFF.