Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spongetech and The SEC

I was not going to release this information but I feel it is only fair for the people to know that Spongetech is in fact being investigated by the SEC,,,

as you can see from the phrases contained in the emails below - "regarding this investigation" - "aspects of this investigation"

The SEC is collecting evidence. I was asked to burn to disc emails I had from several people and send it to the SEC. 

If you have any evidence you wish to share with the SEC concerning Spongetech I advise you to email it to this woman. She is a lawyer for the SEC and the person who called me. 

As you can see from the below emails she will not release any information about the investigation so make sure you include your phone number in your emails and maybe she will call you to discuss your evidence. 



Cain, Margaret A. (CAINM@SEC.GOV)


Mon 6/01/09 12:48 PM



Mr. ???????:


Thank you for sending these emails and for speaking with us today. Regarding the additional emails, you may mail them to me at the following address: Margaret Cain, SEC, 100 F Street, N.E., Mail Stop 5546, Washington, D.C. 20549. You may burn them to a CD or you may print them out, whichever is easier for you.


Please feel free to contact me again with information regarding this investigation.



Margaret Cain



Cain, Margaret A. (CAINM@SEC.GOV)


Thu 6/04/09 9:22 AM



Mr. ????????:


Thank you for your message.


As we discussed earlier this week, unfortunately I cannot discuss the aspects of this investigation (including who we communicate with) as the investigation is non-public. I appreciate your interest, but I am not at liberty to confirm or deny any information at this time. I do, however, appreciate the information you have provided and continue to provide the staff. It is very helpful.



Margaret Cain


You people can try and bash these emails as fakes all you want.

They are real.

I have chosen not to post M. Cain's work phone number. Once again I would advise you to include your phone number with your evidence and if the powers that be deem it so, maybe they will contact you. 

Any emails from management or from Doug Furth I am sure they would like to see. 

(and yeah Doug, we sent them the email exchange between you and Moskowitz concerning IRG,,,, the one that included the phrases  "You need to be honest with the shareholders" - "You need to stop lying to people" - "it is not legal")

You do remember that email exchange??? right Dougy????

To M. Cain,,,, sorry,,,, but this is War. 

Metter and Moskowitz are dirty and they need to be exposed.

They are getting rich at the expense of honest American citizens. 

And in cases like this,,, it is never the management that gets hurt,, it is the average American who ends up broke.

Maybe the Government can help us for once, instead of only helping the wealthy.

Thank You - Moe Speeks