Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Note To My Readers

I have received many many many emails thanking me for helping to keep things real concerning Spongetech. As a general rule I do not personally respond to emails that are sent to me. There are too many to respond to each and every one of them so I chose long ago to respond to none of them. This does not mean I do not appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to write to me with your thoughts and suggestions, for Spongetech and for other companies that need looked into.

As for Spongetech,,, I will say that I am not aware of any litigation that involves Spongetech.
I have always said that I feel that Spongetech is a real company with real products and SOME real sales, but also, with a very "poor" management. I believe these real sales are now starting to skyrocket. I also believe that the PPS is running so as to draw in new investors to start the cycle all over again. Please view SPNG's chart from last year at this general time. 
I do not believe that SPNG will ever be eligible for a NASDAQ listing without a Reverse Split.
I do not believe SPNG management wishes to be a NASDAQ listed company. That would very seriously interrupt the share structure game they have going.

Gagged T/A.
Bullshit "SPNG - NASDAQ" on their television commercial, (which was removed)
Super Secret buyers named,,,SA Trading, Dubai Export Import Co and US Asia Trading. (why the big secret still????)
Still no word on the Bank Line-of-Credit,, ( 30 days almost up on that self-imposed time limit.)
etc etc etc.....

People, just be aware. you can make some cash on trading this stock. But as long as the Transfer Agent is gagged, you have to assume the management is playing with the share structure and this is a very bad investment in my opinion.....

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