Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When did Spongetech become a NASDAQ Stock??????

Moskowitz and Metter got some balls on them.
I was watching CNBC, the Financial Propaganda News Channel and as usual I saw the Spongetech commercial trying to lure unsuspecting people into buying their crap.
And then I saw it,,,,,,,,,,, right there on the screen for the whole world to see.
it said - 
what a bunch of shit.
if that right there does not prove how deceitful and deceptive these two crooks are I do not know what does.
I have neither seen nor heard any Official announcement that SPNG.OB has been approved for NASDAQ.

On May 7, 2009 Spongetech issued a Press Release that in part read -
" announced today that its Board of Directors has voted to seek a listing for SpongeTech®'s common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market. As part of this process, SpongeTech® will prepare and submit an application for a NASDAQ Capital Market listing."

So as of May 7, 2009 they had not even prepared nor submitted an application, but here we are less then a week later and they are advertising themselves as a NASDAQ company.
Damn, that was quick.

The NASDAQ is NOT going to accept a 2 cent penny stock....
The only shot in hell that Spongetech has of becoming a NASDAQ stock is when Management does a Reverse Split.
Which they have repeatedly said they will not.
But then again, Moskowitz repeatedly said he was going to lift the Gag Order on May 5th and he did not do that,,, so his word cannot be trusted.
What a bunch of thieves.
You folks can rest easy as I have sent another letter to the SEC pointing out this transgression.
As well as another letter to CNBC to let them know they are partaking in Fraud.


  1. spongetech is not listed on the NASDAQ yet, however I have learned that within the next week or so they will be. You see the NASDAQ has three requirements and spongetech meets all of them. The catch of it is that right now spongetech is only trading at $0.04 and when listed on the nasdaq will probably cause it to jump a lot so expect big things from this company. They just signed a bunch of new deals that will be reported shortly. Get in soon!!!

  2. The next week or so???
    What are you,,, a fool?
    Don't leave comments on my blog anymore.