Friday, June 26, 2009


Our big winner of the week is a Pincher Play - NCS
NCS closed on 6/19/09 @2.09
NCS closed on 6/26/09 @2.84 for a 35% weekly gain.
Indicators are still in good condition and with the volume spurt that accompanied the PPS rise I believe there is still room for NCS to run.
The 20 dma is @2.93 and if we can get thru that and the markets cooperate we can possibly see $4.00 as our next resistance.
Don't forget to pocket some profits to ensure a positive trade after this much gain.

HANS - closed 6/19/09 @30.77 and finished this week by closing @31.77 for a small 3% weekly gain.
HANS has not had the needed volume to break this pincher wide open but indicators are still heading in a positive direction and if we can break thru the 200 dma and the 20 dma we can possibly see HANS run till our next resistance at 34.23.
HANS remains on our watch list.

FUQI - appears to be in a consolidation phase and has yet to retest it's 52 week high.
It appears FUQI may have formed a shabby double-bottom.
Indicators have taken a turn for the worse.
FUQI is NOT A BUY unless it breaks a New 52 Week High on Higher Volume.

WNR still remains on my Pincher watch list. 
WNR closed 6/19/09 @ 7.57
WNR closed 6/23/09 @ 7.20 for a slight loss.
On 6/24/09 WNR was upgraded from HOLD to BUY by Soleil Research Firm.
Indicators are still heading in a positive direction and WNR remains as a top play on the watch list.

ABIO is a BioPharmaceutical play with very low volume.
ABIO closed 6/19/09 @2.94 and closed 6/23/09 @2.92 for a slight loss for the week.
ABIO still remains on our Pincher watch list.