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From: ??????????]
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 4:15 PM
To: Cain, Margaret A.
Subject: - Spongetech

M. Cain

Glad to see Spongetech is continuing to issue Bullshit Press Releases to sell shares as they grow their phony empire on the backs of American Citizens at a time of dire economic downturn.

It makes me feel good to see that my tax dollars are hard at work with our Federal Agencies doing all that they can do to stem the tide of crime in America..

Maybe if you took the time to look inwards towards the real criminals within the Federal System then the real thieves could be apprehended.

But then again, not like the SEC has got the Balls to go after the real criminals, like Goldman Sachs and their crew of Federal ass kissers,,,do you????

I guess not, seeing how you guys aren't even gonna do anything about Spongetech.

worthless fucks,,,,

as always, Thank You for your Time,,



Subject: Spongetech
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 13:49:46 -0400
From: ??????????@SEC.GOV
To: ??????????

Mr. ????????:

I respond to your August 6 email to Margaret Cain copied below. While the Enforcement Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission welcomes constructive input from the public, your email is not constructive. It contains language that is offensive and appears to be a personal attack on “Federal Agencies” and the SEC generally, and Margaret Cain in particular. I consider this and some of your prior emails to Ms. Cain to be harassing in nature. Therefore, I request that you cease communicating with Ms. Cain and direct any future communications to me.

As I believe you have been told, the Enforcement Division’s investigations are not public and the staff cannot provide you any information about any investigation it may, or may not, be conducting.

???????? ?????????

Branch Chief



From: ?????
Sent: Mon 8/10/09 1:48 PM
To: ?????????

Mr ???????????,

allow me to retort,

You may find my language to be offensive but that is because I find you people offensive. And yes, you can consider it a written, personal opinion attack on the SEC and all Federal Agencies. This is still America and I am still an American citizen, which means I am entitled to my opinion and to voice such opinion.
And I will voice my opinion as loud as possible, and as often as possible, concerning our Federal Agencies. I will do this until the day comes that they actually do what they are supposed to do,,,, PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,,, not the criminals.

And another thing, I mean no physical harm to anyone, so I would appreciate it if you did not use the terms "attack" and "Federal Agencies" in the same sentence, unless you also use the terms "email" or "vocal" to show that my "attacks" have been vocal and written opinions. Let's be specific if we are going to use that terminology. Thank You.

As far as me finding The SEC and all Federal Agencies offensive,, well,,, how could you even defend yourselves concerning that?
Lets, see,,,,
- Bernard Madoff, 9 years,, 9 FUCKING YEARS and $50 BILLION DOLLARS LATER, you people knew he was dirty for 9 years and you did nothing. That is called being corrupt to the highest levels.
- Goldman Sachs, not like they are not robbing the whole world blind and all their cronies in the Federal Government are helping them, hum, yeah, Bank Bailout,, great idea,
- Auto Bailout, more money to people who are incapable of running a business properly while the taxpayers foot the bill. There you go, good thinking.
- How about the whole Federal Government supporting the Markets to keep them from crashing, I believe that is called manipulation. That is called Big Business making BILLIONS of dollars and Big Businessmen making BILLIONS in Bonuses while the taxpayers continue to go broke.
- How about the Governments "green shoots" and "jobless recovery" propaganda???
Fucking get over it. Not all of us peasants are stupid. Many of us have a very firm grasp and understanding of how economics work. AND IT DON'T WORK LIKE THAT!

Need I go on?????????


So yeah, I find you people offensive. Fuck You if you don't like it.

But on to Ms. Cain,
I was not trying to harass Margaret. I told Ms.Cain long ago that I would not stop unless I got a Cease and Desist Order. I will consider your email to be that Order.
I simply do not want the Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. situation to quietly fade away like so many other situations.
It is blatantly obvious that someone has been manipulating the stock price. Whether it is Management , Market Makers or Shorts,,, I could not tell you for sure.
But I know what I know, and that leads me in only one direction.
Regardless of what I think I know, regardless of who is doing it,, or was doing it, if they have stopped. It is your job to put an end to it and see that the responsible people are dealt with.
And you know what, none of that sissy bullshit you pulled with GE and Bank of America,
fucking charge the people who are responsible and make THEM pay the fine. When the COMPANY pays the fine, in reality, the shareholders are the ones who pay.
But that is just business as usual, isn't it?

In closing, I will update you as I have a new phone number.
I believe in having an up-to-date file.
If you ever care to speak with me my number is ???-???-????.
Please feel free to call if you have any concerns or wish to discuss our "jobless recovery" and "greenshoots"

And one last thing Mr. ??????????,
I am a firm believer in this theory -
If the Government does not have a file on you, you are not doing your part to keep them honest.
So I hope you do have a file on me, and please shove this email and all my other emails and blog posts and message board posts into my file for future reference,
Because I intend to never, ever stop voicing my opinion when it comes to dirty rotten corrupt company managements and inadequate Government Representation.

Thank You for your time,,
??????????? ? ??????????????

P.S. I will do you the favor of not publishing your name or email since as far as I can tell our Public Servants in the Federal Agencies do not wish to speak to the public about their concerns.

P.S.S. But I will be posting your email for the public to read, along with this reply email.
I have nothing to hide.

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