Thursday, May 28, 2009

Once Again I Am Forced to Defend Myself

Once Again I Am Forced to Defend Myself due to the fine people of the Yahoo Message Board.
First and Foremost, let me thank all my readers for your kind words and emails.
Once again I will state for the record that I am in no way involved with Moe.Speaks or Moe_Speeks.
They are impostors who are trying to ruin my reputation.
I am not a Nazi, nor have I ever been a Nazi.
The paid pumpers are a particularly nasty group of people. 
They are paid to rob you of your investment funds.
They will do anything and everything to discredit anyone who says anything even remotely negative about any stock.
I am not going to name any names, my readers know who the pumpers are.
They are the people who have no basis but to tell you to trust the 10q's, trust the PR's, 
call management they say and trust them, they blame the Naked Short Sellers.
Hell, management blames naked short sellers. that right there ought to tell you what is going on.
Any company's story can be read by one simple piece of information, it's chart.

I am not going to get all involved in this post. I do not have the energy at the moment.
All I will say is this -
If you wish to believe I am a horrible person, be my guest.
If you wish to read my posts which are filled with FACTS, and nothing but facts,  
I am more then certain you will come to the same conclusions that I have.
and that is - SPNG is nothing but a share selling machine. 
They are more concerned with selling shares to investors than they are with
selling sponges to customers. And the chart and PPS will bear that statement out.

Thank You - Moe Speeks

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