Friday, June 19, 2009

So,, You Wanna Lodge a Complaint Against Me???? Ok

Here is what one poster on the SPNG Yahoo Message Board has to say -

"Bashers Are so Desperate Right Now! 18-Jun-09 12:15 pm The SEC investigation claim is the most absurd fluff I have seen yet. Moe Speeks apparently got creative and contacted a rep from the SEC by email (similar to filing a police report by the way) - only so he could use the contact information as propaganda in his lies. Contact the SEC if you have any doubts -- there is absolutely zero investigation and zero grounds for one. If you read any message board for any publicly traded stock, you will always have liars and bashers working against your interests. I have already reported Moe Speeks for his intentional, illegal and abusive manipulation of SPNG."

If you wish to report me to the SEC please do not use the standard email address and complaint form, use this phone number. 
It is the direct office number for the SEC Lawyer who called me and took my information.
Call Margaret Cain and lodge an official complaint against me.
While you are at it, ask her if the emails that I posted from her are fake.
Ask her if she did not call me.
She won't tell you, but you can always ask.

Tell her I said hello.
Thank You - Moe Speeks


  1. Margaret says you are a joke and to disregard any mention you have made of her. Also says you are a certifiable nut. HA!

  2. I am quite certain that a Government SEC Lawyer would say such a thing to a civilian concerning a citizen.
    Your statement has no credibility.
    You are foolish.

  3. Moe telling someone they have no crdibility when he is possibly being looked at by the SEC for false statements. Funny!

  4. Scared huh moe? With the SEC looking you should be.

  5. none of my statements are false
    and if The SEC wishes to investigate me they should feel free
    I am an open book, unlike SPNG

  6. No sirree, you have posted many blatant lies and distortions that the SEC knows about. Maybe in your sick mind they are facts but out here in the real world they aren't by any stretch of the imagination.