Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stocks to Watch this Week

Here are some stocks I am watching for plays on for the coming week

FUQI - Fuqi International, Inc.  
A Chinese Nasdaq listed stock
Been on a huge run since early April. Just had a nice 31% pullback and finished the week with 2 positive days with volume increasing both days.
If FUQI breaks it's last high of $19.47, and triggers a New 52 Week High on continuing volume, that will make it a buy and we should see plenty more upside.  
While FUQI has not formed a valid base to launch another run from,
Indicators have turned positive and this stock bears close watching.
The only problem I can see for FUQI is if North Korea fires any missiles at China due to China possibly intercepting a North Korean ship said to be carrying Nuclear Materials.
This could cause problems.

Another stock I like is -

HANS - Hansen Natural Corp.
HANS is showing all the signs of a major pincher movement about to happen.
HANS has dropped aprox. 30% in the last month and all indicators are showing a turn for the better.
I would like to see volume increase as it breaks thru it's 200ma

Several other pincher plays to keep an eye on this week are ABIO, WNR and NCS.

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