Monday, July 6, 2009


I have found a nice pinkie play that should work for the month of July.
If you have any extra gambling cash that you use for risky pink sheet plays, this is the play.

AWSL.PK had a good day today so wait for a pullback and start to load up.
First on their list is to get the Caveat Emptor status removed from We have it on good authority that this will be accomplished this week.

This is a low volume stock and it's 129,700 volume today was HUGE,,,LOL
So keep that in mind.

Like I said, I expect this stock to play out for the entire month of July.
But as always, if you choose to play, protect any profits.

And as always, do not ever invest any money into a pinkie unless you are willing to lose it all.

I will give more information as I investigate further.