Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The number don't lie people. Statistics are fact. And once again, today, the SEC visited my blog due to a Google Search.
According to my StatCounter.com records, the SEC launched a google search for this phone number, 212-594-4172,,
and we all know who's phone number that is. That is a Spongetech Fax number, as well as being connected to other companies faxes., (other companies that are associated with Steven Moskowitz)
Now why would the SEC be searching for that number???????
I do not know.
But they are still prowling about inside the Spongetech world.
This is FACT,, and here is the PROOF!!!!

Here are the page views from my StatCounter.com records,,,,,,,
Please click on the picture to see the exploded view -


  1. Did it ever occur to you that they might be searching your blog for False statements that you have made about Spongetech and allegations that could be getting you in trouble??? hmmm bet you didn't think of that one, you narrow minded fool.

  2. gee, I never thought of that??????
    ummmmm, maybe if you people took as much time to read the post as I did in explaining it, you will see that the google search was for a phone number,,,,and I come up 2nd on the google search results....
    they were not searching for me.
    they know where I am, and who I am.

  3. Moe, My dog is smarter than you

    At least when he screws up he learns from his mistakes

    Maybe I should start my own blog, at least people would make money with my advice

  4. The tlot phickens....

  5. Ohhhh the sheep love walking with blinders on. Forget SPNG, I'm still waiting on SLJB financials!! Is PV out of prison yet?

  6. How come the apartment in Illinois doesn't have the Dubai Export Import Company (in Dubai...lol)
    anymore? hmmm
    No more orders to Illinois, I mean Dubai anymore?